B L A I N E  C O N S T A N T  

As a child, Blaine grew up in what would be categorized as a ‘broken home’. From being severely beaten by a grown man for years, and witnessing his mother be abused by this man – to growing into a raging alcoholic by the age of 16, it is truly a miracle that Blaine is presently 5+ years sober and living an abuse-free life, as a father to his daughter. From having to miss days of school because of his broken and bruised up face, to having to clean his blood off the floor and walls every time he was beaten by his abuser, to finding himself in abusive relationships with women who would attack him and even nearly blind him by pouring bleach on his face - Blaine has overcome all of the statistics that state he should not be where he is today. 

A few of Blaine's other accomplishments include

Along with traveling, performing Fiddle music for 18 years, Blaine has recently began using his voice as healing and sharing his stories across the country of overcoming such severe trauma, discovering what ‘healthy’ is, and defeating his alcohol addiction which, at one point in his life, led him to drinking for 37 days straight, having a heart attack and nearly losing his life. He shares his experiences and information in hopes to aide those who may be experiencing domestic violence/addictions or know somebody who is – to educate them on how to cope, who to turn to, how to speak out and how to heal – Prevention and intervention. 

  • Being nominated for “Fiddle album of the year” at the Indigenous Music Awards  

  • Blaine’s fiddle music was featured on “Canada’s got talent” by winners, “Sagkeengs Finest” 

  • Played fiddle for the Queen and North American Indigenous Games

  • Opened for Leahy, Shane Yellowbird and Blue Rodeo 

  • Travelled across Turtle Island for 18 years

Blaine is proud to have been sober since September 23, 2013.

M o t i v a t i o n a l S p e a k i n g 

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Blaine was shamed at a very young age for expressing emotions and was violently beaten for crying while witnessing and experiencing abuse at the hands of an adult man. As such, this has made it very difficult for him to cope with emotions in his lifetime, even when very tragic events happened, such as losing a loved one. This suppression of tears led to alcoholism, acts of violence and rage, and eventually, thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

Blaine is now 30 and is finally learning how to cry - and how to free his spirit and heart from the destructive expectations that Western society has imposed on Indigenous men. Blaine has made it his lifelong mission to help his brothers who are trapped in the same destructive cycles of suppressing emotions and their truths - the path that inevitably leads to sickness, crisis', rage, and suicide.

Although Blaine speaks on many different topics, he specializes in
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, Overcoming Addictions, Men's Circles, and Healthy Relationships.

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F i d d l e &V i o l i n P e r f o r m a n c e 

Blaine was 11 years old when he began to play fiddle. He always remembered how the elders would smile and laugh and everybody would dance when the fiddlers would start playing. He loved seeing the joy on their faces and that's when he knew - he wanted to make people smile. He enrolled in a fiddle class, but only 3 months later, his family relocated and he began to teach himself how to play.
Blaine quickly picked up nicknames such as "Fiddler" as he would bring his fiddle everywhere and play it anywhere. By only 12 years of age, Blaine was asked to teach fiddle classes at Manitoba Metis Federation, and by 13 he was already traveling all over Canada performing. Fiddle has brought Blaine countless opportunities and he is honoured to share his love and passion with others as he travels around teaching fiddle lessons and performing in countless Indigenous communities all across Canada and the United States.


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