C O N N O R  B O U L A N G E R 

was exposed to drugs and alcohol very young, growing up on the reserve. For him, it was the abuse he began to endure at 7 years old that fueled his addictions at such a young age. Connor was only 8 years old by the time he was drinking heavily, smoking cigarettes and marijuana. He began dancing at 10 years old feeling like this was the key that was going to save him. His using continued, but he began to use cocaine as well into his teen years. Connor found himself in an abusive relationship for 5 years of his life, and he thought this was normal and that physical, mental, and emotional abuse was a factor of being in love.

He truly immersed himself into his dancing in the last few years and really began his healing journey. Through dancing he has met the people who are now his sisters and brothers, providing guidance, love, encouragement and consistency in his life. He has found his healing through learning how to release his tears and release parts of his story, piece by piece, to the people around him who love him.

Connor now facilitates Traditional dance lessons for community and youth, and encourages the same healing he found through discovering his Traditional ceremonial ways to the young people who are struggling with similar issues he faced as a young child. If it wasn’t for Traditional dance, he would not be on the path he is on now, embracing happiness, laughing, being capable of releasing tears when he needs to, and freeing himself step by step of anger, guilt and shame.