Harley Richardson

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is a producer, rapper, writer, workshop facilitator. teacher, and motivational speaker. Harley has been producing music for over 15 years - he began using music development as a creative, non-destructive outlet to manage and cope with traumatic, early childhood experiences. Being a young child who spent his early years in the care of child and family services and was placed with several group homes and foster families during that time. Harley's grandmother took him in and raised him - unfortunately, during his time in care, Harley already experienced several different forms of abuse. These unprocessed traumatic experiences plagued his heart with shame, guilt, anger and a lack of self-love which dragged him through a downward spiral, leading to a life of gangs, violence, a suicide attempt, and addiction.
Harley decided to change his life in 2013 - and began his healing journey, walking a path of sobriety, self-awareness and facing his unresolved trauma.
Harley spent the last few years
caring for his grandmother as she was preparing to make her journey to the spirit world. He has now been clean and sober for over 7 years!!!

Harley hopes to help other men learn to address their traumas; come face-to-face with their past, shame and demons and move forward towards a life of forgiveness, empathy, compassion and honouring the 7 sacred teachings.