Arts-Based Therapy Program

Music Development Workshop

In the Music-Development Workshop, Mary will work with a select group of youth to write their own song. The aim is to develop healthy coping mechanisms through art as a form of expression. The youth will pick a topic to write about based on the present issues they face in their community.
(Example: if there was a recent suicide, the students may choose to write a song in honour of the community member who passed). They may also choose to write about positive influences of culture, family, etc. in their communities.

The youth will then be guided through writing a rap verse, chorus structure and development, and melody writing. They will then have their song professionally recorded.

Upon completion of the song, the youth be invited to perform it on stage alongside BLOODLIINE, during the live community performance!


traditional dance workshop

Facilitator: Connor Boulanger

Facilitator: Mary Black

In the Traditional Dance Workshop, Connor Boulanger will work with a select group of youth to teach them Traditional dance. He will discuss his experiences with Traditional dance, how it has helped him on his journey of sobriety and healing, and where Traditional dance has taken him. He will also teach the purpose of Traditional dance.
Connor Boulanger will teach the various different styles of Traditional dance, and he will facilitate different groups of youth to learn:

- Men’s Traditional Dance
- Men’s Chicken Dance
- Men’s Grass Dance
- Women’s Fancy Shawl Dance
- Women’s Jingle Dance

The youth will then be invited to participate dancing to the opening Traditional Drum Song alongside Connor Boulanger during the BLOODLIINE live performance!

***ALL rights to the completed song will go to the community. However, with permission from the community, Mary can submit the youth's music to various radio stations across Canada and the States to showcase their talent and spread their message.

Cold - Mary Black