M A R Y  B L A C K 

is an Indigenous Ojibwe hip-hop artist, actress, spoken word poet and motivational speaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mary Black has used art as a healthy coping mechanism to combat the inter-generational effects of residential school trauma and she believes it saved her life.


Being exposed to sexual abuse and domestic violence at a young age, she began using alcohol and drugs to cope. Mary has survived through domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, addictions, disability, and mental health issues and has re-claimed her life and her position as an Indigenous woman through finding her Traditional ceremonial ways, sobriety, and using music/poetry to reach youth and help others who have endured the same struggles she has. She has found the light within the darkness and all of her work is to help others find the light within themselves.

Mary Black - Bloodliine

A few of her accomplishments include

  • Opening for the 10th annual Indigenous Music Awards Show (the largest Indigenous awards show in the country with over 50,000 viewers across the globe)-

  • Performing spoken word poetry on Indigenous issues for CBC National News, APTN and CTV Morning Live 

  • Over 1,000,000 views on her spoken word poetry videos, which address issues from domestic violence, to systemic racism and oppression

  • Performing and speaking to youth across Canada and in the U.S.A; Nationally recognized

  • Creating a province-wide suicide prevention media-based project with Province of Manitoba’s “Office of the Children’s Advocate”

Mary has an extensive background in the mental health field and CFS; she is a former Clinical Case Manager, specializing in Indigenous Children in Care.


Mary carries many certificates from post-secondary institutions and training programs she has attended throughout her career.

Rest In Peace - Mary Black

M o t i v a t i o n a l  S p e a k i n g :

Mary Black provides motivational speaking on many topics from sexual abuse to suicide to overcoming addictions and more. The primary focus of her speaking is to remind the audience of the power each and every one of us possesses:
The power to love unconditionally while creating healthy boundaries, the strength to overcome any painful obstacle in our path; the resiliency to endure hardships and maintain a positive outlook, and most importantly: The power of self-forgiveness and self love.
That we are all worthy of a good life
. That we deserve to be loved, and that we are pure, beautiful, and perfect - and that no evil is dark enough to take away our light.


If you would like to view a motivational speaking video, please click the image below:

A Message for the Addicts: You are Loved.
a message for the addicts.png

S P O K E N  W O R D  P O E T R Y

Mary creates spoken word poetry pieces to raise awareness towards the many injustices Indigenous people face at the hands of the government and when dealing with the law, health system, justice system, MMIWG and more.

She also focuses her pieces on educating Canadians on the true history of Canada as well as the present living conditions for many Indigenous people. During community presentations, she discusses the importance of overcoming these barriers through community development, programming, the development of alternative coping mechanisms and more.


If you would like to see some of her poetry videos, which have collectively garnered over 1 million views, please click the images below:

R e s i s t a n c e  150
resistance 150 pic.png
A Call to Action for Indigenous Men
call to action.png

A Message to the Leaders:

message to the leaders.png